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Zynga’s Poker is one of the largest free to play online poker games in the world

Zynga Poker is one of the most popular games from the company, along with others like Words with Friends. They rely heavily on the Facebook platform for connections to users, though, and analysts predict that the firm may need to rethink its long-term strategy in order to move forward and return to its expected growth.

Zynga’s Poker is one of the largest free to play online poker games in the world. While I will be focusing on the iPhone and Facebook applications of the game, Zynga has also ported it over to Android, Yahoo, and Google+. With apps and games like Hanging With Friends and Words With Friends, I thought it was time to look at one of their first games.

Zynga Poker offers “poker team challenges” that you and your friends can complete together, yet separately and on your own time. These challenges are things like “you and 2 buddies must each win a single hand within 2 days.” So long as you and the required number of friends achieve the goal in that set time, everybody wins. You don’t have to do it together; you just have to do it in the time limit.

Well the basic setting for this game is pretty bland as it is a poker game. The menus are just a woman in the background trying to look sexy and their are options to chose from. Then when you get into the game you chose your spot at the table, you may think you actually sit down at a table but no your accounts picture just shows up at that side of the table. Although the table, chips, where the dealer is sat ect. is all correct so for that, that kind of makes it better but not much, at least some artistry on the wall or something. Overall an okay setting for a poker game.
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