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Two Ways to Prevent the Hacks from the Zynga Poker Chips

On Oct.10, 2014, I was playing Zynga poker and suddenly my laptop shut down. And when I restarted it, I wasn't able to connect to the Internet.  So I  used another laptop and I entered again. But all my chips had been stolen.Thus,I tried my best to solve this problem. And I found two good ways to keep my Zynga Poker Chips safe from Hacks.

1. Don’t download Zynga Poker Chips Cheat Programs.

Most of the so-called codes or cheats for Facebook poker are actually the trojan horse viruses, which are embedded with key loggers or other malicious programs. Hackers advertise these "cheats" on forums with the guarantee that you will double your Zynga Poker chips, but as soon as you hit download and start the program the key logger will be taking in everything your type; including your password and email address. When you realize this, your Zynga Poker Chips are stolen.

2. Don’t win the Zynga Lottery.

One popular method that hackers usually use is to message you via your Facebook inbox or your email. They inform you that you have just won a million Zynga Poker chips, or something similar. To claim this fraudulent "prize" you are asked to click a link, and enter your password or email. If you enter, you will lose your Zynga Poker Chips or your computer will not be able to work.

In brief, if you want to keep your Zynga Poker Chips safe, think twice before you download some programs and click some links.  

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