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Pokerist offers option for nearly all online poker fans to play on their site

Poker is still as popular now as it ever has been, and there’s no more convenient way to play than online. Developed by KamaGames, Texas Poker is a free app for iPhone and iPad that lets you play anywhere with internet access. Texas Poker is a fully-featured poker app, with a slick interface that rivals even the”big-name” poker software for PC/Mac such as Full Tilt and PokerStars. Texas Poker is free to play, and no “real” money changes hands – but if you run out of your starting chips it does cost real money to recharge.

The latest version of Pokerist Texas Poker, which features Carmen Electra and launched today, takes gameplay to the next level. New features include 3D tables with real people and their avatars, two tables play, chat messages between an entire table, the ability for players to access up to 4 screens while playing, chat memory to help type future IM's more quickly, the ability to view previous games, and the ability to send screen shots of players' winning combination of cards to friends.

Pokerist offers option for nearly all online poker fans to play on their site.  As with most social media sites, players on the PC can play through their Facebook accounts.  In addition, users on Android, iOS, and Bada can all download the Pokerist app.  Finally, Mac users can download a Mac compatible client to their machines, making Pokerist one of the few online poker sites compatible for the Mac.

Texas Poker holds plenty of exciting actions for players of all levels. Play, bluff, win, chat with others at the table, buy them gifts. You were impressed by the way your opponent had played a hand, or maybe you want to celebrate your own victory? Then treat him a whisky or pamper yourself with an expensive cuban cigar! Gain levels by winning hands, check out other player's stats and level trying to guess how good they are.
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