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Pokerist is a great addition to your software collection if you are a poker enthusiast

What if the restrictions that take place in virtual game play existed in physical game play? This weekend I held a poker tournament. This was not a normal poker tournament. The rules, based off of the popular iPad app, “Pokerist,” implemented modern censorship techniques used in virtual worlds as a restriction in conversation and augmentation in game play. The hope from this experiment was to do a sort of “people-knowing” test that would highlight the complexities of self expression in virtual worlds and raise questions on the validity of certain forms of censorship in these realms.

Texas Poker - Pokerist is a great addition to your software collection if you are a poker enthusiast that likes to unwind and relax by playing from the comfort of its own desktop. However, the table is as interesting as the players, so you can choose to find your friends and make things more interesting.

One of the world’s biggest free-to-play Texas Hold ‘Em multi-platform games with over 30 million downloads and over 5 million monthly active players, Pokerist Texas Poker raises the bar with a number of new gameplay features and enhancements in its latest version of the game. Upgrades include simultaneous two tables play, an enhanced messaging system that allows for chat messages between an entire table, and the ability for players to access up to 4 screens while playing. In addition, players will be able to access chat memory and play in shoot-out tournaments. The latest upgrade also allows players to view previous games, and with just one click, send screen shots of their winning combination of cards to friends.

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