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New features of the updated version of Pokerist Texas Poker

POKERIST is one of the most popular free-to-play poker games for mobile and social networks. Play, win, make your own poker success story!

The Pokerist is a game for Android that enables you to play Poker wherever and whenever you like. It’s listed as one of the best poker apps for android  and it certainly has a lot to offer. You can play as a guest or, you can sign in with your Facebook Profile to get really competitive about things. The game is designed to help you play Poker against other players and so you don’t have to wait until the gang meets up again.

In poker rooms across the world and online at places like Pokerist, most players have access to a selection of poker tables sharing the same stakes and games. In live play, the most popular game (at least in the US) is ½ No Limit Hold’em, and a decent size room may have more than a dozen ½ NLHE games going at a time. At Pokerist, you may have even more options. But despite sharing the same stakes and games, not all tables are the same. At one table, a new game could be starting up with players still playing tight while they learn each other’s tendencies. At another table, a loudmouth drunk may be splashing the pot with large bets, causing a lot of action. The games and stakes may be the same, but the tables are entirely different, and depending on how you play, one may be more profitable than the other.

We continue talking about the new features of the updated version of Pokerist Texas Poker. Today we’ll be talking about sharing screenshots.

After the recent update, there’s a new tool that allows easy screenshot saving as well as sending screenshots to your friends. After just a few steps, you can show off everybody your poker skills, share your winning moments or tell about one of a kind situation at a gambling table. The screenshot button is located at the top left corner of the screen. The camera icon will starts pulsing during the showdown, reminding of itself. Though, you can take a screen shot at any moment.
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