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1000 Million
1000 Million
1000 Million
1000 Million
Pokerist Chips Server 1 And Pokerist Chips Server 2: We Are In Some Stock Inventory. And Every Day Is Irregularly Updated. So Please Pay Attention To Our Website News.
Pokerist Server 3 Chips And Pokerist Chips Server 4: We Are In Huge Stock Inventory. We Promise : Big Order, More Gifts! Buy More, Gift More!
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  • Pokerist Server 4 Chips 4 
  • Pokerist Server 4 Chips 20 
  • Pokerist Server 4 Chips 60 
  • Pokerist Server 4 Chips 240 
  • Pokerist Server 4 Chips 700 
  • Pokerist Server 4 Chips 1400 
  • Pokerist Server 4 Chips 2800 

Notice Before Pay: 

Note: Since POKERIST Game Official Have Divided Players Into Different Servers Without Any Hints About Player Servers Partition In The Game. So This Is Why Many Buyers Ask Us Their Player Friends Suddenly Offline/Invisible Even While Actually They Are All Online. Even After They Enter Into Some Table/Rooms. The Reason Is You And Your Friends Have Been Assigned Into Different Servers! 



Servers/Zones Description: 

Currently POKERIST Game Is Roughly Divided Into 4 Servers/Zones, In Which Players Of Different Servers Can Neither Search Out Each Other , Nor Play On The Same Table With Each Other.


1 All The New-Created Account Are In The Server 1, Normally We Call Them New Hand Server(i.e. Server 1).


2. When You Have Enough Chips (At Least More Than 100 Million), You Might Intentionally Lose Some Chips To Your Friends Of New Hand Player. But Because Most Of The Player Are Unprofessional And Generally Losing Chips To Friends On Table One-To-One, Which Can Be Detected By The System Too Easily. In This Case, Your Account Might Be Divided NO. 2 Server, Normally We Call Them Prison Server(i.e. Server 2).


3 When You Have Enough Chips (At Least More Than 200 Million), If You Are Losing Chips To Many Friends Of Yours On Table One-To-One In An Very Short Period, And Once Detected By The System, The Nature Of This Behavior Will Be More Serious Than Server 2. To a Great Extent, Your Account Will Be Divided NO. 3 Server. Normally We Call Them Exile Server(i.e. Server 3)


4. When You Have Enough Chips (At Least More Than 500 Million), Because Of Your Terrific Playing Skills Or When You Buying Too Much Chips In 1 Time From An Third-Party Seller (Such As Our Website). This Would Cause That Your Chips In Account Will Be Increased 50-100 Times Doubled. Once Detected By The System, Your Account Will Be Divided NO. 4 Server. Normally We Call Them Master Server(i.e. Server 4)


How To Make Sure Of Your Account In Which Server ?

There Is a Very Simple Way: Since We Are a Professional Third-Party Chips Provider For Many Years, We Have Many Accounts (Player Nickname) In Every Servers:


Server 1 : safeshop

Server 2 : Sct123

Server 3 : JAKE58

Server 4 : wanke168

Login To Your Game Account, If You Can Search Out Our Server 1 Account (Wanke168), Which Means Your Account In (Server 1). To Further Ensure Of Accurate Searching Results, You Please Enter Into Any1 Room/Table, And Then You Go To Search Our Every Player Name(Wanke168/Sct123/JAKE58/Buy1370).For Detailed Searching Ways, Please Look At The Screen-shots Below: